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Fayre Labs x RCD Espanyol


Marketing Director

Fayre Labs is a Marketplace of NFTs, Non-Fungible Tokens, where you can buy, sell and swap these digital assets; Fayre also has its own Fayre Token and help companies and brands to create their strategy and their own NFTs. It is the bridge between Web2 and Web3.

In February 2022, we communicated the agreement between Fayre Labs and RCD Espanyol to create their NFTs collection. The news was published on the primary sports news channels: -alia-fayre-web3-activar-13218508 - -volume-of-business

We announced the agreement at the RCD Espanyol and Barça derby where we gave hats and scarves to the assistants.

We did two more activations in the station during the break time:

And finally, the last activation was for APP launch ->

The APP allows geolocating the user of this and detecting if they have an NFT from Espanyol, and once it is verified, the user can go to the different points of the stadium and enjoy benefits.

The collection of NFTs of RCD Espanyol consists of 1900 parakeets. 1900 is the year of the foundation of RCD Espanyol, and the parakeet is the famous mascot of the club.

The parakeet has different traits, 20% are Catalan (Catalan barretina, espardenyes, calçots...)

This collection is divided into different releases of 200 units each, the first was sold out in two days, and the second is currently for sale. You can acquire the collection through the Fayre website,

People who are owners of the NFT will have different advantages; for example, they could access the VIP areas during the matches, enjoy a free soft drink, and free club events... these are some examples that we are working.

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